Graham Mackereth | United Kingdom

Graham Mackareth 2013 IWHOF finalist


Year Inducted: 2013
Sport: Kayaking
Years Active: 1971-Present
Home Base: Runcom, England

Pioneer Accomplishments:

  • 1971 – Founded Pyranha Kayaks
  • 1976 – Sponsor of first descent of the Dudh Khosi
  • 1977 – Sponsor of slalom world champion Albert Kerr in a Pyranha Elite Equipe Pyranha also sponsored slalom champions in 1979 – Cathy Hearn, K1 Men’s Team;
  •  1981 – Richard Fox, K1 Men’s Team;  1983, 1995 – Richard Fox
  • 1979 – 1st to produce and market rotomolded kayaks in Europe successfully
  • 1982 – 1st low profile plastic kayak, impact absorbing full plate footrest, large keyhole cockpit.
  • 1983 – 1st short whitewater play/pool kayak – Rotobat
  • 1986 – 1st design to incorporate a release chine and optional safety cage, tested for lower leg injuries at the UK Motor Industries Research Association – Mountain Bat
  • 1987 – 1st self – draining kayak with a removable deck – Rob Roy
  • 1991 – Highly successful play boat – Stuntbat and in 1993, the Acrobat
  • 1995 – 1st kayak with side draining cockpit and retractable skeg – Surf Jet
  • 1995 – Sponsor of Paul (Cheesy) Robertson, C1 Freestyle World Champion, with repeat in
  • 1995 – Tsarap/Zanskar-Ladhak, Northern India
  • 1999 –  Eli Helbert won OC1 freestyle gold in 2001.
  • 1996 – 1st easily adjustable seats and thigh grips, back band adjustments on the thigh grip.
  • 1997 – 1st polyethylene kayak produced in 3 sizes to suit paddlers of different weights – Inazone
  • 1997 – Bhutan
  • 1998 – Ravi, Northern India
  • 2001 – Sutlej Expedition
  • 2002 – Tsangpo, Tibet
  • 2003 – Mykha, Myanmar
  • 2005 – Dibang, India
  • 2006 – Tawang Chu, India
  • 2007 – Greenland Whitewater
  • 2009 – Drangme Chu, Bhutan
  • 2001 – 1st deck feature for improved aerial performance – Power Pockets

Other Accomplishments:

  • 1960’s -British junior slalom team member (BCU)
  • 1972 – Member, UK Olympic Team (K1 Sprint)

Graham has been a major contributor to the success of the whitewater paddlesports industry worldwide and involved in designing and building kayaks commercially for more than 40 years. Pyranha’s motto “For Enthusiasts, By Enthusiasts” sums up the essence of the company.  Graham supports many organizations, festivals, expeditions, first descents and other paddlesports activities as an on-going advocate for the sport.   A member of the Historic Canoe and Kayak Association (HCKA) Graham has a rich collection of historical canoes and kayaks.

3 Responses to Graham Mackereth | United Kingdom

  1. Trevor Armstrong says:

    Dear Mr Mackereth,
    I have a boat that you might be interested in for the museum. It is a circa 1960s
    Granta self-assembly kayak, 3mm marine plywood, ready for use. It is currently in
    storage at a nearby boating centre that is due to close shortly. Hence the need to find a
    new home for it. Varnished recently, with some deck fittings for touring, it would make an attractive museum piece. No charge, but you will need to collect it.
    It is 14ft. 5in. length with a small portage dolly, and straps. Paddle included.
    Thankyou for your time and attention.
    Yours sincerely,
    Trevor Armstrong

  2. Graham, your passion for whitewater paddling is so deserving of this award !

    I personally have you to thank for believing in me as a young slalom racer in the ’70’s – not only for sponsoring me with the ‘hottest’ kayak design of the day, but trusting me with your cube van on the M1 (for which you received a phone call, that we were driving in the wrong direction – yikes ).
    A Pioneer, you have been able to bridge the many generations of the sport – from flat to whitewater; from fibreglass to carbon/kevlar to plastic; and still today, leading your company Pyranha through the modern era in design, technology and inovation. Keep it up – “right” Graham for many more !

  3. Johan Forsberg says:

    Congratulations Graham.

    A well deserved recognision, you have always been able to surround yourself with talanted people. Cheers

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