Peter Knowles | United Kingdom

Peter Knowles 2013 IWHOF finalistYear Inducted: 2013
Sport: Kayak
Years Active: 1969-Present
Home Base: Keswick, U.K.

Explorer Accomplishments:

  • 1980’s to 2000’s Involved in more than 50 international expeditions, many first descents,  in the Himalayas (Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, and India), Turkey, Europe, and Mexico:  (too numerous to list)

Other Accomplishments: 

  • Author of White Water Nepal (1992)
  • Author of White Water Europe: Book One North Alps (1996)
  • Author of White Water Europe Book Two: South Alps (1996)
  • Author of White Water Masif Central (2002)
  • At the forefront of river safety in conjunction with the Alpine Kayak Club

Peter (a.k.a. Slime) has dedicated his life to white water, conducting expeditions around the world since his earliest big river experience on the Grand Canyon in 1973.  He is held with the utmost respect and has paddled with many of the other major expedition paddlers and explorers of the time including fellow British explorer-paddlers Mike Jones, Mick Hopkinson, and Dave Manby.  Peter’s style does not follow that of the traditional large supported expeditions.  Instead although many of his explorations were first descents, that aspect was not half as important as being a great trip and a unique adventure while maintaining the utmost in safety.  He was not a brash trip leader but instead, his soft spoken manner lent itself to team-oriented expeditions and as a good ambassador for kayaking, took care to consider the local population, often including locals in festivities.

Throughout his paddling career, he has documented detailed maps and river grading for virtually every river drainage in Nepal and most rivers in Europe.  His guide books, considered by many as the Bibles of river running, are not only filled with the essential details, maps, information, and advice about the rivers but also with amusing anecdotes and drawings.  With his friendly and good natured humor, Peter has introduced local people to the pleasure of paddling down and playing in rapids in Nepal and India, and as a consequence, has helped to create a growing white water tourism industry in Nepal, Bhutan, and India.

8 Responses to Peter Knowles | United Kingdom

  1. John Wilde says:

    Congratulations Slime, a well deserved honor. May there be many more trips to come.

  2. Ollie says:

    Slime could not have done this without fluffy! Ollie

  3. gillie says:

    Good that all those fluffy rapids have created a triumph like this!

  4. David Alldritt says:

    Well deserved recognition for decades of achievement. One of the nicest guys in our sport, true friend to many ‘old hands’ and an inspiration to younger generations too.

  5. Dave Moss says:

    Well deserved and about time! Here’s to many more trips from the present into the future and a big enough pension to cover them!

  6. Adrian Davis says:

    Great to see this honour, you took me on several great trips but just getting expedition paddling going in the UK(with others Mike Jones et al) is worthy of recognition

  7. Khadga Bisht says:

    Hi Peter, congratulations! well deserved accolade.
    It was great to have have met you in Kathmandu, Nepal while writing my book Hydro-power Nepal.

  8. Craig Douglas says:

    Congratulations Slime an honour well deserved and even better you are fit and well to receive the recognition. Time we saw you at the Invercannie Super Loop Playgroup again, it has been a while since you graced us with your presence…

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