Buy a Boat & a PFD, Help IWHOF

The folks at Liquid Logic and Kokotat have donated a new Jefe Chico and Ronin PFD for us to sell as a fundraiser. We are auctioning off the boat and PFD on ebay. Proceeds from the sale of the boat and PFD will be used to support our 2010 annual induction dinner. Please visit the ebay auction site to bid on the Jefe Chico Boat. The Kokatat PFD has been SOLD!

It’s a great boat and a great PFD for a great cause!

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2 Responses to Buy a Boat & a PFD, Help IWHOF

  1. Kay Mattson says:

    Hey did you sell the Jefe Chico? From the website it looks like it is still available, but its closed on e-bay. I’m interested in bidding – if yes!



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