Bob McNair | USA


Bob’s Basic River Canoeing was “THE” manual in the 1970’s and 1980’s for basic whitewater echniques used by many to learn and teach whitewater canoeing. He was the founding father of Buck Ridge Ski Club, a club which was instrumental in the development of slalom racing in the United States. Through his leadership, the first inter-club whitewater slalom races were held on the Brandywine and continued annually until the early eighties.

Bob was also instrumental in the formation of the American Whitewater Affiliation, reaching out to paddling clubs across America for the establishment of a national organization to address the non-competitive aspect of whitewater. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the American Canoe Associations (ACA) National Slalom Committee, serving as a member (and chairman) for many years.

Pioneer Accomplishments:
• Founder of the Buck Ridge Ski club (1945) a major player in the development of whitewater slalom racing in the United States
• Founding member of American Whitewater Affiliations(1954)
• Developer and founder of the “Red Ridge College of Canoeing Knowledge,” a 3-day basic canoeing course co-developed by Buck Ridge and the American Red Cross (1955)
• Responsible for the formation of ACA’s National Slalom Committee (1955)
• Author of Basic River Canoeing based on more than a decade of instruction developed for the “Red Ridge” canoe schools (1968 and 1985)

Other Accomplishments:
• Accomplished open canoe slalom racer and whitewater paddler