William (Bill) T. Endicott | USA


Bill Endicott has the unique distinction of being inducted into the International Whitewater Hall of Fame twice: first with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, and then again as an Advocate in 2007.

Bill Endicott vastly influenced whitewater slalom in the U.S. and internationally for thirty years. Over his illustrious career, he coached athletes who won 57 medals in World Championship, World Cup, and Olympic competitions, 27 of them gold. Among these athletes include the C-1 athletes of the 1980’s who dominated world competition, including Champions and Fellow Inductees Jon Lugbill and Davey Hearn. His books have provided invaluable insight into the world of championship slalom competition.

Lifetime and Advocate Accomplishments:
• Coach, USA Whitewater Slalom Team (1977-1992)
• International advocate for whitewater slalom racing on a world stage (1989-1999)
• Co-creator of Slalom World Cup (1987-1992)
• Advocate helping to ensure whitewater slalom inclusion in Olympics (1989-1999)
• Fundraiser and supporter of US Team (1997-2004)
• Supporter providing assistance in getting the ’92 and ’96 Olympic courses built as well as the Dickerson (USA) course for training (1990-1995)
• ’92 Olympic Team Coach: USA won C-2 Gold and KIW Bronze
• ’04 Olympic Team Leader: USA won K1W Silver
• Author of five books including The River Masters: A History of the World Championships of Whitewater Canoeing; To Win the Worlds: A Textbook for Elite Slalomists and Their Coaches; The Ultimate Run: Canoe Slalom at the Highest Levels; The Danger Zone: Downriver Canoeing at the Highest Levels; and Two Trips to the Top: A Case Study of Rebecca Giddens and Oliver Fix

Other Accomplishments:
• National Wildwater Champion (C-2): 1970
• ’72 Olympic team alternate (C-2)
• C-2 slalom and wildwater team member (C-2): ‘71 and ’73 World Championship

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