Scott Shipley | USA


Scott is a three-time Olympian and three-time World Champion in slalom kayak among the many other outstanding medal performances and contributions.

As an extension of the kind of athlete that he is, he was awarded the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Jack Kelly Fair Play Award (for an act of sportsmanship) for giving a kayak to Samir Karabasic from Bosnia whose kayak was destroyed during training at the ’96 Olympics. Scott later collected $40,000 worth of boats, paddling gear and sports equipment and personally delivered it to Karabasic’s paddling club which was leveled during the Bosnian war.

Champion Accomplishments:
• Three-time Gold Overall Medalist: ’93, ’95, ’97 World Cup
• Four-time Silver Overall Medalist: ’96, ’98, ‘99, ’00 World Cup
• Three-time Silver Medalist: ’95, ’97, ’99 World Championship
• Three-time Olympian: ’92, ’96, and ’00 Olympics

Other Accomplishments:
• U.S. Olympic Committee Top 10 Sportsman of the Year (1993 and 1997)
• Kayak designer (1995-2001)
• Author of Every Crushing Stroke: The Book of Performance Kayaking
• Whitewater course designer (2003 to present)