Richard Fox | Australia


Richard is the most decorated slalom kayaker in the history of the sport winning ten World Championship gold medals, including five individual titles. He was the innovator of smooth slalom techniques emulated by many and was the first to use a double torque kayak paddle during the ’89 World Championships.

He was also known as an ambassador of the sport donating gear and his expertise to help up and coming paddlers. After retiring from competition, Richard continued to share his slalom racing and training expertise, moving from Great Britain to Australia to be the Head Coach for the Australian ‘00 Olympic team and played an active role in the ICF campaign to include slalom in the ’00 Olympics. He is currently responsible for the Australian Slalom and Flatwater programs building toward the ’08 Olympics.

Champion Accomplishments:
• Five-time Gold Medalist: ’81, ’83, ’85, ’89, and ’93 World Championship
• Three-time Gold Overall Medalist: ’88, ’89, and ’91 World Cup
• Silver Overall Medalist: ’90 World Cup
• Four-time Gold Medalist: ’82, ’84, ’86, and ’88 Europa Cup
• Olympian (fourth place finish): ‘92
• Bronze Medalist: ’79 World Championships

Other Accomplishments:
• Awarded Order of the British Empire
• Co-founder of Slalom World Cup series
• World Championship and Olympic Games commentator
• Successful slalom kayak designer
• Head coach of Australian ‘00 Olympic Team
• Current National Performance Director for Australian Canoeing for ’08 Olympics