Eric Jackson | USA


Eric Jackson is considered by many to be the best kayaker in the world. No one has excelled at as many different aspects of the sport as Jackson has. Slalom, freestyle, river running, instruction, EJ has not only done them all, he has done them all on a world class level.

Eric Jackson’s freestyle and slalom training has taken Jackson to rivers around the world. EJ has paddled on every continent except Antarctica. His lifetime river total stands at an astounding 500+, a tally that will likely remain unequaled.

Jackson’s breadth of paddling experience has helped him design Wave Sport kayaks in collaboration with David Knight before forming Jackson Kayak and creating a line of his own designs for adults and for small children (also with Knight.) He has also produced a series of instructional books and videos.

Jackson continues to show his commitment to whitewater through the bettering of kayaking for people everywhere. He is as approachable and focused on beginner kayakers as he is at the top of the sport.

Champion Accomplishments:
• Four-time World Freestyle Champion, 1993, 2001, 2005, 2007
• Silver Medalist, World Freestyle Championships, 1997
• Two-time International Freestyle Champion, 2000, 2004
• Freestyle World Cup Champion, 2006
• Highest American K1 finisher at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain
• Member, US Slalom Team, 1989-1998
• Member, US Freestyle Team, 1993-Present
• US K1 National Champion, 1990, 1999
• US C1 National Champion, 1999
• US Freestyle Champion, 2005

Other Accomplishments:
• “Everest Award” Winner, 2005
• Designated “Most Famous Kayaker”, 2005
• Paddler of the Decade, Playboater Magazine, 2004