Gilles Zok | France


Gilles Zok dominated wildwater canoeing through most of the 1980’s and was often described as “a monster to which was grafted a canoe and a paddle.”

Not only was Gilles Zok a superb athlete, his uncanny ability to read water combined with his tactical decision-making made him virtually unbeatable. These qualities were often emulated but not often equaled. After retiring from competition, Zok applied these same legendary qualities to the sport of adventure racing around the world.

Champion Accomplishments:
• Four-time Gold Medalist: ’81, ’83, ’85, and ’87 World Championship
• Two-time Silver Medalist: ’77 and ’79 World Championships

Other Accomplishments:
• Team member, Raid (1995, 1997, 2003)
• Team Captain, Eco-Challenge Australia (1997)
• Team Captain, River Eco (2000)