Kent Ford | USA


Kent Ford’s unique background includes more than twenty years of teaching, paddling, coaching and international whitewater racing. His twenty plus videos and books on paddlesports have influenced the education of a half million paddlers and have made him one of the most recognized paddlers in whitewater worldwide.

Ford is a founding participant of The Whitewater Symposium, a three-day annual event that seeks to advance the sport of whitewater kayaking by bringing together top paddlers, industry representatives, instructors, and program leaders to address current issues within the sport. He is also a veteran of over 330 rivers in 27 countries and has been a member of expeditions in the Soviet Union, Costa Rica, Turkey, and Mexico.

Advocate Accomplishments:
• Producer/writer for Performance Video (1990 to present) for educational/instructional paddlesport books and videos including Whitewater Self-Defense, The Kayaker’s Edge, Solo Playboating, The River Runner’s Edge, The Kayak Roll, Breakthrough, The Kayaker’s Playbook, Take the Wild Ride, The Citizen Racers Workshop, Drill-Time Solo Playboating II, The C-1 Challenge, and Retendo
• Pro-bono producer/writer of conservation videos including Animas La Plata- At What Cost, which was partially responsible for downsizing of the project, and Dolores River, which advocated better balance in flow management
• Producer/writer of ACA/U.S. Coast Guard Video Productions for National Paddlesport Safety System for coastal kayaking, rafting, and whitewater kayaking
• Announcer at World Championships, World Cups and Olympic Games(1989 to present)
• Founding participant of The Annual Whitewater Symposium (2005)
• Present of past board member of San Juan Citizen’s Alliance, American Canoe Association, USA Canoe Kayak, and Chairman of ACA SEIC (2001-2005)
• Technique contributor to Canoe Magazine (1985-87) and Paddler Magazine (1999-2004)

Other Accomplishments:
• National C-1 Champion: 1977 and National C-2 Champion: 1987
• Member of U.S. Whitewater team (C-1): 1979, 1983, 1985
• Member of Gold Medal C-1 Slalom Team: ’83 and ’85 World Championship
• Member of Silver Medal C-1 Wildwater Team: 1979
• Assistant coach for Whitewater Slalom Championships and head coach for the U.S. Junior team
• First Descents of Animas Gorge (CO) and Moctazume (Mexico)