Pavol Hochschorner & Peter Hochschorner | Slovakia

Pavol Hochschorner and Peter Hochschorner are the best Slalom C2 team ever. Anyone who has been a fan of Slalom racing has heard of the Hochschorner twins from Slovakia. After switching from Flatwater racing in 1996 and winning the C2 Slalom competition at the Sydney Olympics, they have dominated the discipline. They are a highly motivated team, working harmoniously and clearly complimenting each others’ strengths and weaknesses. There seems to be an invisible link working between them, allowing the twins to read the actions and decisions of each other in a split second as they navigate the slalom course; compensating, correcting and powering them towards yet another victory.

Pavol and Peter come from a family that is heavily involved in Canoeing. Their mother and father have both represented Czechoslovakia in slalom and their sister represented Slovakia in flatwater canoeing. The twin’s origins were in flatwater racing, but both found it not to their liking or the skills that they had as canoeists. They decided to change disciplines for the faster and thrilling Slalom C2 class. Even in the light of Olympic glory, the twins know that it is in their family that their strength and support comes from. Pavol and Peter are coached by their father, Peter Hochschorner senior and their sister, Eva, who are responsible for organizing anything that the twins need related to the sport. Their mother is also a coach, spending her time training the next generation of slalom athletes. With the entire family heavily involved in the sport, there’s a great deal of motivation and expectation. The support structure is deeply rooted in the family tree, providing them with everything they need to accomplish their future goals.

Pavol and Peter don’t just look out for their own achievements; they invest heavily in the future as well. Slalom canoeing is an incredibly popular sport in Slovakia and the performances of the Hochschorner brothers are a proud endorsement of this growing and exciting sport. Both of them graduated at the highest level as Coaches of Canoeing at Comenius University in Bratislava, showing their commitment to teaching younger generations and spreading the popularity of the sport. They realize that their sport will eventually lie in the hands of the next generation and that it’s their place to guide the passions of others with the same desires as themselves.

Pavol and Peter have won Gold Medals in three Olympic Games, nine World Cup Championships, and two World Championships. They have also completed the canoe slalom “Grand Slam”, winning Gold Medals in the Olympics, World Championships, European Championships and the World Cup Title.

1999: Gold Medal, C2, World Cup
2000: Gold Medal, C2, Olympic Games, Sydney, Australia
2000: Gold Medal, C2, World Cup
2001: Gold Medal, C2, World Cup
2002: Gold Medal, C2, World Cup
2002: Gold Medal, C2, World Championships
2003: Gold Medal, C2, World Cup
2004: Gold Medal, C2, Olympic Games, Athens, Greece
2004: Gold Medal, C2, World Cup
2006: Gold Medal, C2, World Cup
2007: Gold Medal, C2, World Cup
2007: Gold Medal, C2, World Championships
2008: Gold Medal, C2, Olympic Games, Beijing, China
2008: Gold Medal, C2, World Cup

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