The Champion category recognizes whitewater athletes that have excelled at International and Olympic competitions. They have also contributed to improving training and fostering new talent for the future of Whitewater sports.

Davey Hearn Inducted 2005
One of the top canoe (C-1) slalom racers for over a decade and also developed revolutionary slalom boat designs.

Jon Lugbill Inducted 2005
A top World Champion gold medalist in C-1 slalom, Jon has been an innovator in paddling technique and boat designs.

Gisela Grothaus-Steigerwald Inducted 2006
An Olympic 1972 silver medalist in Wildwater, Gisela is one of the most successful German female paddlers.

Scott Shipley Inducted 2006
Three time Olympian, Scott has made significant contributions to the whitewater community including designing whitewater courses and play-parks.

Richard Fox Inducted 2007
One of the most decorated slalom kayakers in the history, Richard was also the innovator of smooth slalom paddling techniques.

Cathy Hearn Inducted 2007
One of the top female competitors in international competition, she took three gold medals in the 1979 World Championships.

Eric Jackson Inducted 2008
Well known today for his cutting edge Jackson kayak designs and dominating freestyle paddling competitions, EJ has also been a force in slalom and river running as well.

Gilles Zok Inducted 2008
A top wildwater canoeist in the 1980’s, Giles paddling technique was powerful and decisive.

Stepanka Hilgertova Inducted 2009
An Olympic hero in the Czech Republic, Stepanka has won two Gold medals in K1 Women and competed in five straight Olympic games.

Pavol Hochschorner and Peter Hochschorner Inducted 2009
The world’s top C-2 team, Pavol and Peter have won Gold Medals in three Olympic Games, nine World Cup Championships, and two World Championships.

Michal Martikan Inducted 2010
A veteran of four Olympics Games, Michal has won more Olympic medals than any other individual in C-1 competition, earning either a gold or silver medal in each of his Olympic appearances.

JP Burny
Inducted 2011
Jean-Pierre is often considered one of the greatest whitewater downriver paddlers of all times. He was the dominant force in K1 downriver racing in the 1970’s winning four world championships.

Milo Duffek Inducted 2013
In the early 1950s, European slalom paddler Milo Duffek invented the stroke that bears his name and changed slalom racing forever. Some 60 years later, he was inducted in the IWHoF as one of our famous ‘Champion’ award winners. His influence has survived the test of time, and his techniques are used by paddlers round the world, both on and off the race course

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    This illustrious list is incomplete w/o Eric Evans.

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