Nomination Process

2021 Nominations: Accepted until June 25, 2021.

Every other year, the International Whitewater Hall of Fame honors the world’s most accomplished whitewater Pioneers, Explorers, Champions, and Advocates.

All nominations are screened by IWHOF to insure that nominees meet the category criteria for which they are nominated with a final ballot selected from the top nominations for each category.

The whitewater public is encouraged to submit nominations and/or contact their representative affiliates to participate in the nomination process.

The Nomination Process is as follows:
1.  Complete the Nomination Form and submit your nomination conveniently online. (Don’t forget to email any supporting photos, videos, other files, etc., separately).

2. Affiliate Organizations or Honorees will fill out the Nomination Form Completely and return to IWHOF via online submission, with all supporting files and documents. Individuals will fill out the Nomination Form and forward to an Affiliate Organization or an Honoree for submission to Media Relations prior to the Nomination Deadline.

3. Fill out all sections completely. Incomplete forms with incomplete documentation and supporting files and information give screeners insufficient information to place candidates on the ballot for election.

4. Please include with your nomination form submission any and all published information, documents, articles and/or manuscripts, photographs, news clippings, DVDs and/or video footage, website URLs and links, blog information, and any other details that will be helpful in evaluating your nominee. This information will also be used, should your nominee be elected to the Hall of Fame, in the production of the annual DVD highlighting the achievements of the new class of honorees.

5. All nominations are active for five years. You do not have to resubmit your nomination on an annual basis. However, should your nominee still be active and participating in the whitewater community and adding additional accomplishments, you are free to update your nomination by sending a list of additional accomplishments, or you may complete an entirely new nomination form.

6. Please forward your completed Nomination Form and all supporting documents to any one of our affiliated organizations or IWHoF Honorees for submission to the IWHoF Media Relations for consideration.

7. Any questions or concerns, please contact the IWHOF Program Manager.

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