IWHOF Online Nomination Form

2019 Nominations Are Now Being Accepted!

Please fill out this online form for your IWHOF Nomination. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IWHOF Media Relations. Don’t forget to email your supporting files/documentation, such as photos, videos, other files, etc. separately to the IWHOF email address in addition to clicking the “submit” button on your nomination form. Thank you!

IWHOF Nomination Form

PIONEER A nominee who is or was the first, or among the first, to contribute significantly to development, understanding, and promotion of whitewater sport.
EXPLORER A nominee who is or was engaged in extensive whitewater exploration. The nominee may be an adventurer, scientist, or expedition leader who exemplified superior feats in previously unchallenged whitewater.
CHAMPION A nominee who is or was an athlete, coach, or team engaged in any competitive whitewater discipline for at least five (5) years. The nominee has a distinguished record of achievement at the highest levels of competition.
ADVOCATE A nominee who is or was engaged in contributions to the advancement of whitewater sport for at least twenty (20) years with a record of serving the whitewater community with distinction. Contributions may include grassroots activism, environmental stewardship, ensuring river access, innovations in manufacturing, or course design and development. Note: All nominees may be 1) living or deceased, and 2) an individual or a team.
Provide a brief summary statement.
Please list accomplishments pertinent to the nominee’s category.
Examples: competitions, first descents, expeditions. Coaches and organizers/leaders: years involved, notable events in which he/she was involved, notable associates (e.g. athletes he/she coached) along with relevant information regarding awards received, team placement, etc.
Please list any contributions pertinent to the nominee’s category.
Examples: contributory causes, designs and inventions, skills/technique contributions, and industry participation/ leadership.
Please list year, organization, and role/position
Please list year, title, and if published (y/n)
Please list year, honor/award, and granting organization
Please use this space to provide any further information on the above, evidence of integrity, sportsmanship, and character and all additional information to support consideration of the Nominee.
In addition to review by the IWHoF Board of Governors, your nomination shall be reviewed by at least one of our affiliate organizations. Please select one of the listed affiliates that is most relevant to the nominee you have presented in this nomination form. By selecting an affiliate reviewer, a broad range of interests, specialties, and constituencies in the whitewater community can be involved and represented.