Pete Winn | USA

Pete Winn 2013 IWHOF finalist2013 Finalist: Pete Winn
Sport: Raft/Kayak
Years Active: 1967-2008
Home Base: Grand Junction, CO (USA)

Explorer Accomplishments:

First Descents

  • 1973 – Tuolumne River (first raft descent), California, USA
  • 1994 – Yangbi River in Yunnan, China. Tributary to Mekong
  • 1995 – Yong-Bao Gorge of the Mekong in Yunnan, China
  • 1997 – Man Wan Gorge of the Mekong in Yunnan, China
  • 2000 – Salween headwaters in Tibet, China on the Tibetan Plateau
  • 2002 – Headwaters of the Kyi Chi, Lhasa River. Tributary to Yarlung Tsangpo
  • 2004 – Mekong River,Tibet.
  • 2005 – Indus River, Tibet. Headwaters in western Tibet
  • 2007 – Lower Salween River, Tibet. Headwaters in NE Tibet

Other Accomplishments:

  • 1969 – Formed American Guides Association
  • 1974 – ARTA Board of Directors
  • 1974 – First Oar Boat River Ranger, Grand Canyon National Park (USA)
  • 1998 – 2007 – Co- Chair of the Western Association to Enjoy Rivers and Founding Director of Grand Valley River Park.

Pete Winn is a professional geologist who, after leading and guiding rafts in the US conducted a series of expeditions on spectacular rivers China to create awareness about the Tibetan Plateau and Western China, as well as the imminent threat of dams. Pete has fostered the next generation of river exploration through his son to promote river recreation in China and increase awareness internationally.

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  1. Rémi Camus says:

    Hello Pete,

    My name is Rémi Camus, from France. In October 2013 I’m planning to ride the Mekong river with an hydrospeed. I will start my journey in Deqen (China) as it’s very difficult to have access to Tibet. My goal is to go all the way to Vietnam. I want to record my journey with video cameras. The main reason is to raise money for a safe drinking water.

    As you were one of the first who ride the upper Mekong river. I would like to know if you could give me advices? I’m sure we need permits to navigate on the River. Do you know any tour operator who could deal with that?

    Thank you Pete for any kind of help,



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