Robert Jay Evans | USA

Jay Evans 2013 IWHOF Finalist2013 Finalist: Robert Jay Evans
Sport: K-1 SL and WW
Years Active: 1959-1984
Home Base: Concord, NH USA

Champion Accomplishments:

  • Coach of the Ledyard Canoe Club: 1962-1974
  • Coach of U.S. Slalom and Wildwater Teams: 1969 and 1971
  • Coach of  U.S. Olympic Slalom Team: 1972
  • Chair of the American Canoe Association’s (ACA) National Slalom and Wildwater Committee: 1966-1968

Other Accomplishments:

  • Author of three books about kayaking and slalom racing: Fundamentals of Kayaking (1964- 13 editions), The Kayaking Book (1974), Whitewater Coaching Manual (1972
  • Racing Editor for the American Whitewater Affiliation (AW): 1965-1968)
  • Advisor to and Narrator for the 1971 film Wildwater covering the 1971 World Championships
  • Established the Mascoma Slalom (still being held); 1963
  • Established and wrote first American rules for kayak polo
  • Contributed 35 reports and articles to AW Journal: 1962-1977
  • Created first instant scoring system for slalom races in U.S.: 1964
  • Consultant for first U.S. artificial whitewater course (South Bend, IN): 1982-1984

Jay Evans was the first American coach to establish a regular coaching and training program (1962) for young athletes of the Ledyard Canoe Club (LCC) at Dartmouth College. As a competitor himself, he established one of the first year round programs hanging gates at the Dartmouth pool during the winter months.  During the first year,  LCC sponsored the first in-door slalom competition with Jay handily beating the other competitors. Under his coaching, LCC athletes dominated the U.S.slalom and wildwater scene throughout much of the 1960’s and into the 1970’s where LCC members held almost all of the slalom and wildwater national titles.  In 1968 with Jay as the U.S. Team Coach, LCC sponsored European racers from Czechoslovakia and Britain to join the U.S. slalom and wildwater teams (predominantly LCC members) to prepare for the ’69 and ’71 World Championships but also the ‘72 Olympics.

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