Once voting is completed and the results of the annual election are approved by the Board of Governors, the inductees will be invited to participate in the Induction Ceremony. The results of the election will be announced through a press release to the whitewater industry and other media outlets.

Interpretive videos are developed for each class to represent the accomplishments of each inductee in the International Whitewater Hall of Fame. Videos honoring each class of inductees are available in the Honorees Section of this Site by year:

Induction 2005 Video
Induction 2006Video
Induction 2007 Video

Induction 2008 Video
Induction 2009 Video
Induction 2010 Video
Induction 2011 Video
Induction 2013 Video
Induction 2017 Video
Induction 2019 Video