Once a ballot of nominees is certified by the IWHOF Board of Governors, elections will be held. Ballots are distributed to the IWHOF Electorate with descriptions of each candidate for their review.

The Electorate currently consists of more than 125 whitewater community members who were selected by the Board of Governors for their long-term commitment to the sport. The Electorate has representatives from 29 countries and from every continent.

Members are former and current athletes, coaches, private paddlers, commercial outfitters, magazine editors, videographers and river advocates. All inducted members of the IWHOF are automatically included as a member of the electorate upon election. Each year the electorate may vary because of participation in whitewater expeditions, national and international competitions and/or other events and circumstances that preclude a member of the electorate from participating.

2021 Voting and Election Process
If you have previously participated as a voting member of the IWHOF Electorate, you will be contacted regarding your participation for 2021. All information that pertains to the voting process will be posted here and sent to you via email. Please watch this space for important updates and news regarding the voting process.